About Face

If you want to know about me then too bad, I’m not telling you anything. I told you all in my first post that this isn’t about me, this is about the rant. This little virtual place is where I let out my alter ego and cut loose from all the bullshit in my mostly boring, sometime terrifying, every day life. If I mention something about myself in posts occasionally its because it has a specific purpose or bearing on what I’m talking about. But, just to put things in context for you I’ll throw you a little bone:

I’m from Buffalo, NY USA. One of the most abandoned cities in the Union. You could call this place Detroit’s illegitimate little brother. This place has had a profound affect on me as I’ve grown up here and it actually helped me to cut myself free from the bullshit of pop culture and helped me to think objectively. Why? Because it was once called the “City of Light” and now it’s mostly referred to as a hole in the ground. But things are changing now. The lies that propped up the rest of the country for so long have been exposed, and the power is now returning to my birthplace. As so many people who were once envied as wealthy and prosperous are now watching their houses of cards fall down all around them, my house of bricks is standing steady and firm. In other words, this once majestic and powerful city was crippled and left for dead, and people left it in droves for greener pasteures. And those that stayed to tough it out were regarded as fools. But now the tables have been turned, and some of those same people are returning here now on their knees, with nothing.

Who’s laughing now?


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